No Mountain Is Too High To Climb When You Have Courage

From UroMed Hometown Heroes – Originally posted on January 28, 2012

Tom Exler believes that people with disabilities can be just as great and successful as anyone else.

Courage to Shine was created to help people who have medical challenges see that the only walls between where we are, and where we want to go, are the walls we put up.

Once, I heard a speaker say, “When I became paralyzed, I didn’t spend much time thinking about the 1,000 things I couldn’t do. I began to think about the things I could do, and what a wonderful life I would have if I did those things,  instead of worrying about the ones I couldn’t do.” A wall or a mountain simply presents an opportunity to learn another way to get over an obstacle that maybe no one else has discovered yet. A wall is an opportunity to challenge your creativity, your ability to innovate and adapt, and your chance to see just how strong your work ethic really is.

Through these processes, you’ll do unbelievable things and accomplish unbelievable feats. We can prove that what I’m telling you is the truth when you hear positive stories and check out Courage to Shine. There’s always a way to solve a problem, and just because no one else has been able to solve that problem, doesn’t mean that you can’t. A man once said, “The only things in life worth doing are the things that seem to be impossible.” If we can show people with medical challenges that greatness is possible, and that there are others like them, who have obtained greatness, then we can change the lives of the medically challenged forever. A medical problem shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not find and develop the greatness that’s within you.

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