Megg Rose – Inspirational Story of Triumphing over Medical Adversity – Part 3 of 3

Editor’s Note from Thomas Exler:  I first met Megg Rose in 1996 in Boulder, Colorado while attending a medical based camp program, and over the years we have continued to stay in touch, and no matter if she was shooting a TV Movie or competing in pageants, or raising her family.  If you wanted to know more about Megg Rose please go to her website   Part 3 of 3

Part 1 of “Pain Free & Blood Free”

Part 2  of “Pain Free & Blood Free”

Megg Rose

“Pain Free & Blood Free” Part 3 of 3

By Megg Rose

Megg Rose Moving on with Her Life

I could go on with a bunch of hospital stories but this was the most important story I wanted to share because still to this day I tell everyone this very same story. I survived throughout my high school years because of this wonderful IlleoBESTostmy being pain free and blood free! I never felt so alive and healthy and I almost forgotten what it’s like to be healthy again. I know the first 2 years was a struggle adapting to how my intestine works from eating the wrong kind of food that caused blockage where I had to go to the ER to pump out the food. I can’t digest celeries, nuts or any hard food that doesn’t break down easily.  That’s the only pain in the butt I can’t stand but everything else I am just so darn thankful to be alive. I refused to let this stop me from doing what I wanted to do with my life.

I have travelled all over the USA performing on numerous of stage works, music videos, filming, featured in two Lifetime movies and many more. I certainly did not have any negative experience with my dating life, the guys were just great! The funniest question I would be asked if I had my vagina still. I said how is anus and vagina related? I would always make jokes out of it because laughter is the best medicine we need! It was a perfect bat to test to see if this guy is a keeper.

Megg Rose with her son Kai Davis

Today I have two beautiful children who love me unconditionally, and I have taught a lot of nurses who had no experience with Illeostomy patients in the ER how to work on my Illeostomy.

They would always ask my husband, how does she survive this? He laughed, and says, “My wife is born to be a survivor, she had never allowed her ILLEOBESTOSTOMY to change who she is negatively. It had molded her to be the strongest grateful human being. who is thankful to be alive, pain free and blood free. This had never stopped her from doing what she wanted to do.”

The latest traumatic experience I had was on June 2, 2009. I survived my c-section on my 2nd child birth that ends up disastrous. My first

Megg Rose’s Kids, Kai & Yamila Davis

child I had a normal vaginal healthy birth but the 2nd one, my son decided to stay in to surf in mommy’s belly. The doctors were no t experienced with an Illeostomy patient & after the c section, I learned after 4 days later that my small intestines were hanging out of my stoma in the bag! Stanford Hospital, Palo Alto

accidentally cut my intestine during my c-section. It was so painful but I survived and would go through it again to have a beautiful healthy baby! My son was worth the whole experience. It was interesting to go through this reconstructive surgery and it brought back so many memories from my first surgery in 1995. I had to go through the same recovery process but only I knew what to do with it.

Megg Rose on Stage

If you ask me how do I do it?   First and foremost, have a relationship with GOD, he truly cared for me and had performed numerous of miracles in my life.  Second, it’s all about choosing positive attitude. I continue to remind myself that there are far worst problems and suffering out there in this world that is far worse than my condition. With this constant reminder I am free from pain and depression. I am so thankful to be alive because I would have not had my two beautiful deaf children and a deaf husband who would just not give up on me. Third, forgive, you must forgive others including yourself, it is the only way to break free from pain and anger.  I have accepted my childhood and has brought me to where I am today, because I know I would not be the person I am today if I didn’t have an ileoBESTostomy of come from a broken home.

I want to be a role model for others who have an illeostomy because I know what it’s like before & after life of having an Illeostomy. I want every person to be thankful to be alive & use this as an opportunity to help others. Beauty is nothing compared to what it is comes from within. I believe it’s all about how YOU present yourself with any obstacles that come your way. You fight it, accept it, & ask yourself, what I can do to help others with this condition. That’s your where your fate should be.

Follow more on Megg, visit & Facebook add her at “MEGG ROSE

Megg Rose from movie “The Deaf Family”
Megg on Stage
Megg Rose with the actors of a play she directed
Megg Rose with two actresses from the show Annie in which she directed

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sallie Mae says:

    Thank for share the heartfelt story of your life…good and bad. You’re one strong beautiful woman. Everyone should read your story and know what it mean to be a survivor. I can identify with your story and I thank God everyday for me an opportunity to be alive on this beautiful planet. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  2. Beautiful inside and out! Thank you for sharing your story. I hope your just one of many people my son will look up to!

  3. That Jeremiah verse is the perfect verse for your testimony, Megg. Beautiful story.

  4. Liesl says:

    Love, sunnyfunnybunnyLiesl. oops 🙂

  5. Gina Fager says:

    You had me in tears! Very inspiring, touching words you shared with us! Another reason why God brought you to our world. Love your beautiful faith!!! You’ve been in my thoughts! Miss ya!

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