Megg Rose – Inspirational Story of Triumphing over Medical Adversity – Part 2 of 3

Editor’s Note from Thomas Exler:  I first met Megg Rose in 1996 in Boulder, Colorado while attending a medical based camp program, and over the years we have continued to stay in touch, and no matter if she was shooting a TV Movie or competing in pageants, or raising her family.  If you wanted to know more about Megg Rose please go to her website  Part 2 of 3

Part 1  “Pain Free & Blood Free”

Megg Rose

“Pain Free & Blood Free”    Part 2 0f 3

By Megg Rose

The Morning When I Decided on Surgery

One morning I woke up, a beautiful tall woman walked in and I thought she was an American Sign Language interpreter who was changing shifts with the interpreter who was with me all night. She smiled at me, and said “Hi Megg, I remember being where you are today and I want to tell you that you’re not alone. I have an illeostomy.”

I looked at her trying to find that bag but it was nowhere to be found. I said “Where is your Illeostomy? I thought you were an interpreter or a model” She smiled and proudly showed me her bag. I was appalled how little it was & I was so relieved that it was not as bad as my imagination had leaded me to believe.

I looked at her & asked, “Are you in pain? I can’t stand the pain. Oh can I ask you something personal? How do guys handle you with having this bag?”

She laughed & said, “Honey it will be a good test to find your good future mate. I have a wonderful loving husband and a son who loves me so much. I am positive you will have no problem in that department because look at your eyes!! They’re a killer! They’re goanna forget that you even have a bag 🙂 I am pain-free because of this choice & I strongly recommend you to take this on because God isn’t finished with you”

I smiled and quickly pushed the nurse’s button. The nurse came in and I said “Call Dr Marshall, I’m going to stick with #1. I am ready to take on a new chapter in my life, let’s get me an Illeostomy.”

Megg Rose and her Grandmother Rosalie

My grandmother immediately drove to the hospital & wanted to convince the doctors to find another way. I had to comfort my overbearing grandmother and said “Grandma, stop!  I know you love me but God gave me peace with this decision. I want to go forward with this as I know he will use me for his purpose. Let’s continue to trust in him & I really want to be pain-free. I can’t stand the passing out, ongoing cramps that 10 times worst that PMS, and the smelly bloody stools.” My grandmother sighed & had to leave the room to burst in tears. She came back in within 30 minutes later and said, “Sigh, oh Meagan, I love you so much and if I could I would take this awful disease away from you but I can’t. That what frustrates me the most?  While I was crying, I overheard a boy next to your room, he was crying and he’s only 6 years old with bronchitis. I wondered where his parents are so I asked the nurse, where are his parents? Why is he alone? The nurse said that the boy’s mother is at another hospital that is also sick with bronchitis so his father is going back in forth trying to meet his family’s need.”

I said “Grandmother what are you doing in my room? Go next door and read that boy a story. Go take my stuff animals that my friends from school have given me and go give it to him please. Take them all!”  She smiled, “This is my Meagan that I know, you bet I will.”

Megg Rose on Stage

When she left the room I looked up and said “God, if you are real, please give me that boy’s bronchitis so he can be home for Christmas with his family. Please, it devastates me to see an innocent child in pain & I know children are your favorite thing. -Amen”

That evening, Dr Marshall & Dr Cambell, my surgeon had come in to get me in to get my IlleoBESTostmy. Before I entered the surgery room, I was hoping my mother would come but as expected she didn’t. I was grateful that my grandmother was there so I told her what I prayed for, and she cried. She said “stay strong Meagan, worry about yourself and don’t worry about anyone else. I love you so much. Go get them warrior!”

The next morning, I remember my grandmother shaking me trying to get me to wake up and she said, “Meagan look, it’s the boy you prayed for! He is going home with his family for Christmas, just as you prayed for. They’re at the door wanting to thank you for your prayer request. They have a gift for you.”

I was so weak but I fought to take one look at the boy, and then the boy smiled! Then suddenly coughed, and my grandmother looked over, “OH no don’t tell me you have bronchitis?” The doctors were shocked with this whole scene and

Megg Rose on Stage

said “This takes a miracle and a courageous unselfish being to take on another challenge when you just got out of surgery. You are one brave girl, I will not forget this day.”

I fell right back to sleep, then my grandmother end up shoving Jello down my throat while I was asleep. I said“Grandmother why are you shoving Jello down my throat when I’m sleeping. You could at least wake me up first.”

She said “I tried waking you up but you won’t wake up and you need to eat.” I looked over my right hand, the nurse remembered to leave the dolphin with me and you bet I squirt my own grandmother! She such in shock but I had to tell her to back off. I’m sleeping!!

End Part 2 – In Part 3 of 3 – Megg Rose Moving on with Her Life

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