Courage to Shine Award & Feature Role Models

 Courage to Shine™ is dedicated to the memories of:

At the 1997 UOA Youth Rally with Adam Young, Adam’s mother Vickie Young, Thomas Exler, and Lisha Martinez

Lisha Martinez of Park City, Utah and Adam Young of near Portland, Maine

They both passed away in 2005 at the age of 25.






Courage to Shine™ Award Recipient

2016 Courage to Shine™ Lisha Martinez & Adam Young Award

Will be awarded at the 2016 International Exstrophy Conference in Oklahoma City, OK  July 9, 2016


2010  Tom Sylva – Courage To Shine– Australia Award

Tom Flood after receiving the Courage To Shine – Australia Award

2010  Tom Sylva – Courage To Shine – Australia Award –  Tom Flood of New South Wales, Australia

Read and view more about Tom Sylva at:

TOM FLOOD – The 2010 – Tom Sylvia – Courage to Shine™ – Australia Recipient




Courage to Shine™ Feature Role Model


Jamie Holmes, Courage to Shine Role Model for January 2012

Courage to Shine Role Model for March 2012

Misty Blue Foster – Courage to Shine Role Model for June 2012









To nominate a worthy and inspirational story and/or person to be consider for the Courage to Shine – Role Model section:  Please e-mail us at and and make sure you include your contact information along and the contact information of the person/group you are nominating.  Also please include why you would like this person/group to be included as a Courage to Shine – Role Model, as well please include any video links or other online articles, that would support your reasons for your nominee.

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