Mindi Plumley Thayer – Triumphing Over Exstrophy

Triumphing Over Exstrophy By Mindi Plumley Thayer I was born on April 17, 1982 at 3:43 pm. I was the first child of two for my parents Dale and Nina Plumley. At birth the doctors thought I had a hernia. When they went in to repair the hernia they discovered that I had classic bladder exstrophy….

Amy Oestreicher – Turning Adversity into Gratitude

For information about TEDx Syracuse University go to Amy’s Webpage Turning Adversity into Gratitude By Amy Oestreicher I’ve been called a surgical disaster, a medical miracle, barely alive to the energizer bunny that just keep going. It was the night of our family Passover Seder – a favorite holiday of mine, reminding me of Spring,…