Mrs. Patsy Pope – Bladder Exstrophy – A Miracle Happened

Mrs. Patsy Pope l Bladder Exstrophy l A Miracle Happened l Urostomy l Courage to Shine l Oct 28 2022 –

92 Year old Patsy Pope of Tennessee born with Bladder Exstrophy and all her medical challenges she has had in live with including a ureterosigmoidostomy then a ileal conduit – urostomy, and her life, marriage and children, Great Story and truly a Courage to Shine story,

Christy Humberd, Wrote:

I was blessed to visit with Mrs. Patsy today. She was born in 1930 with “bladder exstrophy” and has an amazing testimony! Doctors told her parents that her life would be short. But God had other plans! Take some time this weekend to listen to “A Miracle Happened” Click this link:👇

I am blessed to know Mrs. Patsy. She came up to me at church and gave me a written copy of her testimony. As soon as I was home, I read it and the tears flowed. This amazing Christian woman has been through a life with many difficulties. She has leaned on the Lord and at 92 years old she stills gives praise to Jesus!💖

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