ENRIQUE ESCAJADA – Courage To Shine™ – Role Model of the Month for March 2012

Enrique Escajeda of California has been named the March 2012 – Courage to Shine – Role Model of the Month.

In his honor we have reprinted his story below from January 26, 2012


Enrique Escajada – Aerialist Overcomes Adversity to Fly

Published on January 26, 2012

Aerialist Overcomes Adversity to Fly

by Enrique Escajeda

Hello, My name Is Enrique Escajeda and I was born with Bladder Exstrophy. For those that don’t know bladder exstrophy is when a person is born with their bladder on the outside of the body.  It’s a complicated ailment that demands many surgeries especially throughout childhood. The reason for my post hear would be that despite all that I happen to be a very physically active individual holding over 5 jobs in physical performance. Some wonder, how does one such as myself, enter a world such as this with a bed ridden history that’s so extensive?  I suppose the only answer I have for that is my view on choices and control. i owe much of my perspective to my mother due to the fact that if it wasn’t for her I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing the things I am today or even thinking the way I do.  So here is my story in how my mom raised me followed with the dark adolescent period and then how her old tactics brought me to where I am today.

When I was a child she noticed that whenever I was in the hospital (which was a lot) doctors and nurses would never ask me if they could take my blood or remove my stitches or bandages. They would all tell me what they were going to do and when they would do it.  Nothing was ever my choice and I didn’t have any control with what they did to my body. It was then that she began to give me small choices. Whenever she saw an opportunity my mother would ask me to make little decisions with 2 choices.  Most often it was about where I wanted to eat. Did I want McDonald’s or Carl’s Jr.?  It was small but gave me a sense of what was within my control. Later this became a fun little game for me. Whenever my mom would ask me to do something I would respond with “do I have a choice?” If it was about cleaning my room though the answer was usually NO.

Read more about Enrique Escajeda, please go to the original posting of the story at https://couragetoshineblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/enrique-escajada-aerialist-overcomes-adversity-to-fly/

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