Jamie Holmes – Jamie’s Dream Team Presents – ‘Beyond Belief’ – Posting by UroMed on the event at UroMed Hometown Heroes Blog Site

Jamie Holmes – Courage to Shine Role Model of the Month for January 2012.

On Sunday May 20, 2012 Jamie and her entire Jamie’s Dream Team held an event called Jamie’s Dream Team Presents – ‘Beyond Belief’ at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA.     The evening was an amazing success!!!

Below is a release from UroMed who gladly supported ‘Beyond Belief’ by sending their own Founder of UroMed, Bert Burns to speak about everything he has been through in life.   This show truly was a celebration of life.

LASCI and Jamie’s Dream Team Take a Turn on the Catwalk to Help Kids’ Dreams Come True

MAY 21, 2012

Jamie's Dream Team Beyond Belief Fashion Show Helped Kids' Dreams Come True!

Jamie’s Dream Team Beyond Belief Fashion Show Helped Kids’ Dreams Come True!

Last night, UroMed & LASCI founder Bert Burns joined Jamie’s Dream Team in Pittsburgh, PA for a night of Fun and Fashion at the Hollywood Theater.  Jennifer Mele hosted the first “Beyond Belief” Fashion Show, where attendees got a glimpse of summer fashion trends from Macy’s modeled by 20+ children with serious medical conditions who were waiting for their dream to come true, courtesy of the Jamie’s Dream Team foundation.

Music was provided by DJ Tank along with a Music Performance by Abuery Burchell.   (see below for a video of Abuery performing)  A silent auction also offered great opportunities to bid on area gift certificates, such as overnight stays to luxurious hotels in the city and dinner on Mt. Washington.

LASCI founder Bert Burns served as the event’s keynote speaker. Burns says, “It was an honor to team up with Jamie Holmes and Tom Exler on another community event, we are so impressed with their commitment to the making kids’ dreams come true through Jamie’s Dream Team.  LASCI and UroMed are huge fans of their events and we try to support them whenever we can do so.”

LASCI's Bert Burns being interviewed by ABC News 4 in Pittsburgh.

LASCI’s Bert Burns being interviewed by ABC News 4 in Pittsburgh.

Fun and fashion also hit the silver screen that evening too when ABC News 4 in Pittsburgh aired a story on the event, turning the fashion show models into film celebrities!

See the ABC News 4 story here:
Fashion show benefits Jamie’s Dream Team | Allegheny Co. News – WTAE Home

About Jamie’s Dream Team
The purpose of Jamie’s Dream Team is to provide assistance and/or make distributions to or on behalf of qualifying individuals who are handicapped, disabled, terminally ill, severely injured or suffering from a serious medical condition, disease, or trauma. For more information , visit http://jamiesdreamteam.myfastsite.net/ or call    412-377-3898      .

About Life After Spinal Cord Injury
Bert Burns became quadriplegic as a result of an automobile accident during his youth. His desire to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities led him to create a free motivational program for peer support and rehabilitation groups called Life After Spinal Cord Injury.  LASCI is sponsored by UroMed, [http://www.uromed.com ] one of the largest urological supply companies in the country.  Join more than 8000 friends in our Facebook support community at: http://www.facebook.com/LASCIonline

About UroMed
Headquartered in Suwanee, GA [a suburb of Atlanta], UroMed is one of the nation’s leading providers of single-use catheters, urological and disposable medical supplies, including intermittent catheters, closed system catheters, condom catheters, pediatric catheters and continence care products. Most of UroMed’s customers experience urological or incontinence issues due to conditions like Spinal Cord Injury, Spina Bifida, Transverse Myelitis or Multiple Sclerosis.  Many of UroMed’s employees have a personal connection to  understanding their customers’ urinary health and incontinence needs, as 20% of UroMed’s customer care associates either has a disability or has a family member with a disabling condition.

UroMed is nationally accredited for Medicare reimbursement and most state Medicaid plans, and partners with private health insurance providers and health plans to provide patients with single-use catheters, catheter kits and incontinence products.  UroMed also has seven staffed regional offices located in and around the following metro areas: Columbia, SC; Jacksonville, FL; Dallas, TX; Carlsbad, CA; Knoxville, TN; Richmond, VA; and Baton Rouge, LA; enabling next-day delivery after a customer’s initial medical supply order. For more information, please visithttp://www.uromed.com  or call             1-800-841-1233


Below is Abuery Burchell performing at Jamie’s Dream Team Presents ‘Beyond Belief’ and more clips will be coming soon from Jamie’s Dream Team!!


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