Misty Blue Foster Took a Giant Step Backwards to Reach Her Dream but Stayed Strong

UroMed Catheter Health Blog

Editor’s Note: The race of life is not a 100-yard sprint. Life is a marathon, a long distance run often over treacherous terrain that requires strength, endurance and single-mindedness of purpose. For many, just finishing the course is a major achievement. But others choose to endure the pain and push their bodies and minds to the limits, and therefore win. Such is the case of Misty Blue Foster, who at a very young age set her sights on being a nurse, although physically and financially, she appeared to have no way to reach that goal. Part 4 of a 5-part series.

I decided after becoming a practical nurse that my life would be better after a four-year nursing degree and eventually a master’s degree. However, I had a major setback because of my financial needs. I couldn’t afford to go to a a four-year nursing school initally, but I could afford a…

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