A “You Can” Attitude Helps Children with Disabilities Find the Courage to Shine


From UroMed Hometown Heroes – Originally posted on January 27, 2012

Children with disabilities can be just as courageous as an able bodied person–they just need positive support.

When parents learn that their children have a medical issue like bladder exstrophy, often their dreams for those children cease, and the parents suffer along with the children. However, on the front page of the Courage to Shine website, we can show parents what their children can achieve, and what other people with the same or similar medical problems have gone on to do and become. The parents of these special children need a place where they can get information about what their children can achieve, and examples of people who’ve overcome similar challenges to prove there isn’t anything they can’t do.

These parents need to see that their children’s dreams can be accomplished and that the best way to treat their children is not as though they have disabilities, but rather that they don’t have any excuses for not being successful. If the child has siblings, don’t treat that child any differently than you do your other children. By parents focusing on what children with disabilities can do, then they’ll gain the potential to be as successful, if not more successful, than their able bodied siblings. These children have the opportunity to gain as much courage as their brothers and sisters. If these children overcome fear and learn a strong work ethic, there’s nothing in this world they can’t achieve that they want to achieve.

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Editor’s Note: Thomas Exler, the president of the Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community (ABC) , also is the chairman and founder of Courage to Shine, an organization created to provide information for others, like Exler, who have found ways to overcome their problems and become successful people. As Exler explains, “I was lucky to find role models who showed me that nothing’s impossible for people like me. But not everyone has the opportunity to meet others who have led highly visible, successful and rewarding lives in spite of their disabilities. That’s why we created Courage to Shine – to introduce individuals to other people with similar challenges and to provide a forum and a webpage where individuals can find role models who have demonstrated that there are no limits for people with physical challenges.” Part 3 of a 5-part series.

When parents learn that their children have a medical issue…

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