Misty Blue Foster’s Difficult Early Life Lead to Her Nursing Motivation

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Editor’s Note: The race of life is not a 100-yard sprint. Life is a marathon, a long distance run often over treacherous terrain that requires strength, endurance and single-mindedness of purpose. For many, just finishing the course is a major achievement. But others choose to endure the pain and push their bodies and minds to the limits and win. Such is the case of Misty Blue Foster, who at a very young age set her sights on being a nurse, although physically and financially, she appeared to have no way to reach that goal. Part 2 of a 4-part series.

Question: Misty, on Day 1 you told us about attending nursing school and working at the same time. Can you explain some of your earlier background?

Foster: I was kind of a “throw-away” child to the state foster care system. My mom had an alcohol and drug problem and…

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