Dilara Arslan – A Scientist from Istanbul, Turkey

Dilara Arslan – A Scientist from Istanbul, Turkey

By Dilara Arslan

Hi Everybody, I am Dilara from Turkey.  I was born as likes some of you with a bladder exstrophy in 1991, İstanbul, Turkey.  To treatment of my bladder exstrophy was needed a series of operation since my born. I don’t remember my early ages. However as much as I remembered, I found myself in the hospitals instead of streets. I’m not saying that to push you and your children into pessimism. I said that because, all the troubles I experienced in this early period of my life shaped my life today and gives my life slogan “NEVER GIVE UP”.

This slogan has been playing during the years.  Throughout my childhood I’ve had eight surgeries to make my life as “normal” as possible, or not. Because, one of the operations was happen mistakenly. In this surgery, they tried to make my urine from anus with my poop. That’s why; I also have some cancer tissues in my intestine. After that, my family found a new successful professor, who done my last operation then I start to my life with Mitrofanoff.

Seeing how science healed me in all my life has always made me see that impossible is not possible. As I told you I was born in Istanbul which is the the biggest city of Turkey. However, my family house is outside the city center and they are not educated people. Being born in this way, I had the opportunity to spend most of his time in the hospital with many professors who are well-educated people and are my role models in my life. Reading the children’s science books, or newspapers I found in the hospital was my greatest fun. In that years, I decided to become a scientist started working to achieve that goal.

Besides the advantages of BE on my career, as time went on, I discovered that living with a catheter was more comfortable than a normal person. I’ve never been stuck in my life, and when the time comes, I went to the bathroom. In this way, I learned to live planned. Today I plan almost everything and act accordingly. On the other hand, sometimes I can’t follow my plans because of my BE, like going to school properly. By the way, then I have discovered a way to learn for myself to overcome this situation. Now sometimes, I can get bored in classes even if I’m good right now.

When we look my private life, I married with a non-BE man 3 years before. Both of us, like to travel a lot and camping of course. For example, 4 years ago, we visited even hitchhiked Turkey for 3 months.  Today I am doing my PhD in France on conservation biology science. Really, I am proud of me. Because I do what I want. I know I still must work hard to be a good scientist or good traveler. Thank you for all to read my words until here. If you have some question or if you want just meet with me, you can contact via e-mail

You can reach her by email at: kizildilara@gmail.com

© 2019 Dilara Arslan and Courage to Shine™


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