A Life-Changing Decision: Jamie Holmes Decides Christmas is About Giving, Not Receiving


UroMed Hometown Hero – Jamie Holmes Part 2 – Originally Posted DECEMBER 7, 2011

With Jamie's Dream Team, Jamie Holmes has set her sights on giving more than she gets!

Right before I was 15-years old, I went in for another surgery. My sister always would stay with me in the hospital before my operations. This time there was a little girl in the room with me who needed a heart transplant. Her dad was overseas in the military, and we felt so sorry for her. I had a real burden to try and help people like her and bring some joy into their lives.

At this time, I was in the hospital for a spinal-cord operation, because my spinal cord was tethered. (This disorder meant my spinal cord was pulled-down and stuck to the spinal canal, instead of floating inside the spinal canal). Anytime you undergo surgery, the possibility of death is a real fear that you have to face.

Although I always was very sick, I’d grown-up in a family of givers. Each year my sister and I got to pick-out underprivileged families who perhaps had a child who was sick. Then my family and I became Secret Santas to them.

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